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Artist: Kali Malone
Title: Cast Of Mind
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Hallow Ground
“Cast Of Mind” is pitched as an electronic experimental album to which acoustic woodwind and brass are an added detail, but in fact the emphasis is somewhat different, especially to begin. It’s the brass in particular, the woodwind close behind it, that really drives this collection of four long dominantly-acoustic drone pieces and glacially slow chord works, and the electronics- all sourced from a Buchla 200 synthesizer- are sometimes reduced to just providing the atmospherics and the decorative sprinkles on top.

After the slightly harsh-edged sparseness of “Cast Of Mind”, it’s in the somewhat mellower “Bondage To Formula” that the synergy between brass and synthesis begins to solidify in mesmeric and pleasant ways. The harmony is broken from the first gutpunching opening moment of “Arched In Hysteria” with its pulsing bass synthesis, still droning but with decidedly more abrasive attitude, before final piece “Empty The Belief” feels like a culmination of all the above, playing both smooth brass drone and harsher synth drone simultaneously into a fairly brash wall of sound.

It’s bold, stark and immersive material with a very clear vision, and a very pleasant way to mentally transplant yourself for 36 minutes.

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