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Artist: Petrolio (@)
Title: Intramoenia: Noises for Angela
Format: Tape
Label: Low Noise Productions
Rated: *****
Petrolio is a project started by Enrico Cerrato, already involved in metal and industrial project, as a sort of crossover between the two genres. His music is noisy and exploratory as industrial but has a clear and relatively slow structure as metal.
The first track, "work no. 1", starts with spoken works about madness and evolves in a delicate balance between drone and noise to end in an rhythmic way using loops. The second track, "work no. 2", starts with sustained notes on synth introducing a mirroring part on guitar which disappears in the ending part leaving a pulsation and the drum alone. The rhythmic framework of "work no. 3" closes this release with a crescendo that creates a impressive sonic wall.
It's a short but remarkably varied release that could be well received by listeners as it's not too weird and let a certain curiosity to hear a full length release. Recommended.

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