Music Reviews

Artist: Autarkic
Title: I Love You, Go Away (Remixes)
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Disco Halal
Simple Symmetry and Red Axes between them remix three tracks off Autarkic’s full-length album “I Love You, Go Away”, which I haven’t heard, so I’m commenting only on this 12” and digital release as a finished product rather than how it compares to the source material. And this product is a collection of moderate-tempo house, with gentle stepping kicks and claps, light-touch single-note basslines and some understated, post-electroclash mostly-spoken vocal snippets.

Simple Symmetry’s take on “Bongos & Basslines” will appeal to Hot Chip fans. “Wipe The Shame” takes things into marginally more synthwave territory with some lo-fi bleep patterns and a decidedly Miss Kittin-esque vocal mantra.

The quirky use of firework effects as a background noise on “Gibberish Love Song” is the most distinctive part in what is otherwise a very unassuming collection of stepping mid-set house. Polished and very pleasant, reliable but not likely to compete for the very top of your sets and playlists.

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