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Artist: COLOR THEORY (@)
Title: Color Theory Presents Depeche Mode
Format: CD
Label: 11th Records

This is the first time I've listened to an album of Depeche Mode covers without constantly comparing the original to the new version, and I don't think that in this case the reason is because Brian's voice is similar to Martin's. Instead, I think that the only thing we are dealing with in this case is: talent. The fact that Depeche Mode has always been a reference point for Brian's music isn't a mystery (his "Ponytail Girl" has been taken as one of the Exciter songs on Napster and it's still present on some Basildon boys bootlegs) but in this case it's like the opposite has come true: it's like there's Color Theory into DM tunes and this is an amazing effect, as the eleven songs take a deep breath of fresh air living a new life with Brian's arrangements. Everywhere you can find new melodic lines, different intros ("I Want You Now", "Sister of Night", "I Am You", "Surrender", "One Caress" and the dance version of "Leave in Silence" are the most evident cases) and everything sounds so natural. It's like the songs had been written originally that way. This isn't absolutely an album for fans only but it's the evidence of the value of this project. Brian did it right and if you want to do yourself a pleasure you'll get this gem!

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