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Artist: Off Land (@)
Title: On Earth
Format: CD
Label: Stasis Recordings (@)
Ambient soundscapist, Tim Dwyer alias Off Land offers another chapter of lush cinematic scores with On Earth where the din of children playing and echoing voices utter indecipherable phrases, fleeting fragments of field recordings are set to marmalade-paced rhythms and dreamy melodies amidst billowing layers of synth notes. One does not listen to an Off Land album so much as immerse, and this release is no different. Opening, “Euclase” washes over with layer cakes of synth lines and vestiges of melody with wistful overtones of longing followed by “Nepheline” which has more assertive rhythms and melodies and moody yet powerful, low-end tones that will tingle your spine. The following, “Amethyst” is more subdued, deep-ambient that does not wash-in so much as floats while, metronome-like rhythms manifest and dissolve in the aether while “Osmium” pulses with the more mechanical rhythms that propel an otherwise lush down-tempo ambient-dream track. “Spinel” resumes field recordings, birds chirp while melodies and counter melodies interplay to evenly paced beats that dissolve to lush ambient. “Aegirine” follows with gentle bass melodies and a kick-drum pulse with whispers and droning melodies and fragments of notes and is among the more upbeat. “Nighter” concludes the chapter on a somewhat tense, brooding note, perhaps setting the listener up for a sequel. Dwyer consistently delivers the goods with ranges of moods from pensive to tense to yearning to sublime; delivered in lush arboretums of cinematic-ambient soundscapes. File under ‘cinema of the mind’.

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