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Artist: Callenberg
Title: Dear Satellite
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Bend Records (@)
Rated: *****
Lovers of legendary vintage synths will be delighted while listening to this nice output by Anders Callenberg (signing his releases by his surname only), a Swedish drone-folk producer and songwriter, who left microphone and guitar aside for the making of "Dear Satellite" in order to forge twelve nice electronic tracks. To do that, he mainly used a glorious member of the huge Yamaha family of CS synths, the CS70M, the one who immediately preceded the notorious CS80. Its recognisable bubbly basses and its fat sounds together with its flexible LFO fill the polyphonic melodies, that got inspired - I appreciated the honesty by the author - by Boards Of Canada (I'd say this great Scottish project was the main source of inspiration, as particularly clear on tracks like "Off Guard Again", "Long wait for Geri" or "Winter road kept not"), Kraftwerk ("Jack's beat"), Brian Eno and other "obscure electro bands" he didn't mention, but I hear some resemblances with the electro-driven downbeat stuff by Lee Norris/Metamatics or Bauri on tracks like "Are we screwed?" or "Some stones are really hard". There are many tracks (the mellow song "What if we never get there?" seems quoting BOC in the reverb surrounding the polyphonic melody, spicing a song structure that could resemble the ones by Nikakoi, John Foxx or Norken), where the above-mentioned influences and resemblances get wisely melted, and there are many others where it's clear this artist features a certain sense of humour (have a check for instance to the nice vocal sample of "International boredom conference"). The album is available as a digital download (available on the main digital stores as well), but Anders announced a forthcoming tape version on the website of his imprint.

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