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Artist: C.A.R.
Title: Pinned
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Chloé Raunet’s second album as C.A.R. is a blend of supremely confident post-punk swagger with electronica twiddles, steady-walking house beats and just a dash of synthwave. Slow tempos, rumbling long bass guitar notes and some surprisingly sparse mixing gives quite a bold overall result. Bleak lyrics are mostly spoken and semi-rapped with a controlled, sometimes semi-whispered temper, only occasionally twisting into singing on tracks like highlight track “Swaggart”, the faintly bluesy “Prism” or the more radio-friendly gradual progressions of “This City”.

After the slightly underwhelming opener “Growing Pains” leads into the richly textured Steve Osborne-produced single “Daughters”, the first half of the album has slightly brighter pieces, with the upbeat “Heat” and the properly quirky “Flat Out at the Sockhop”.

Tracks like “Strange Ways” are also very accessible, with a decidedly indie flavour, but there’s nothing truly impenetrable here, with every track keeping within at least the broader definition of a pop structure. The pared-back “VHS” is worth playing to Siouxsie fans.

This is mature and balanced pop music, introspective-yet-confident, earnest and cathartic yet not too indulgent. It won’t set either your heart or the charts alight but hooks or charisma but if you’re looking for something more grown-up and rewarding, there’s certainly an appeal.

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