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Artist: House Of Blondes
Title: Time Trip
Format: CD & Vinyl
Label: Alrealon Musique
Though they cite influences like Steve Reich and Brian Eno, John Blonde and Chris Pace’s work as House Of Blondes sits quite firmly under the umbrella of synthwave, albeit on the more sombre and serious side of that playing field. Across nine pieces, all instrumental with the exception of one single word in one track, they combine layered synths and samples with a mix of real and electronic drums and some authentic bass guitar.

It’s a steadily grooved, measured, road-trip atmosphere most of the time, with pieces like the title track evoking images of steady, trouble-free open-road driving in some warm synthetic forest. “Why It Happened In The West”, with its steady repeating ‘remember’ mantra, feels like it wants to make some important political statement but the result is probably more suited than the musicians intended to winding the car window down and turning cruise control on. There’s a positivity to “The Tilted Earth” that feels genuinely warming.

Things do get a little darker and colder in pieces like “Modern Clock” with its forefronting of quite droney pad sounds, but a predisposition towards melody is never too far away. Gentle ballad-like “The Rise Of The Equal Hour” is a prime example. “Intimate Seconds”, with a slightly darker distorted synth bass, sounds like it might be about to rip into speaker-busting drum-and-bass imminently, but it never arrives.

It’s a pack of atmospheric and thoughtful synthwave that at points threatens to deteriorate into blandness but generally manages to keep it together as a synth soundtrack well suited to those times when you’re actively looking for something that’s uneventful but in the nicest possible way.

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