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Artist: iety (@)
Title: hope you were covered up
Format: CD
Label: Wide Ear Records (@)
Rated: *****
After I saw a couple of video live recording, I certify that a live concert by iety, a Luzern-based trio by the funny Elio Amberg (playing a tenor sax and a bass clarinet on this output), Laura Schenk (on piano) and Amadeus Fries (on drums) could be much funnier than listening to them through an audio-only support (as 90% of improv and free jazz collective or solo projects), but the deprivation of visual and scenic aspect can't really overshadow the chance to appreciate their amazing sounds. They're perfectly aware of the kind of puzzlement their sound can inspire into a listener, who could ask - for example - if they perform composition or if they're improvising. Well, they seem to say they do something in between improv and composition and such an ambiguity can be related to other aspects of their awesome sound, where sterility can coexist with emotion, and "uncontrolled energy sallies on celebrating the details", according to the introductory words by the label Wide Ear. The two video clips I found are live performances of the first two tracks of this album (the opening 9433 and the title track "hope you were covered up") an I invite you to check them out to have an idea of the energy and the above-mentioned ambiguity sprouting out of iety's sound. A similarly dada-punkish approach to improvisation can be heard on the following tracks such as "kick etude" or the evocative "ophelia" - the tonal thuds and its bitter mood as well as its similarities with some soundtracks of 70ies soap operas (a resemblance that gets more clearly audible on the final "petrol") could let you imagine a modern portrait of the Shakespearean character -, even if this approach could thinly veil a (desired?) certain rawness in some moments of their experiment.

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