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Apr 16 2018
Artist: Zonk't
Title: Banburismus
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Sound On Probation
Laurent Perrier, who I last encountered using his Heal alias to produce a very focussed single-concept experimental album, has come up with something much more expansive and expectation-defying here- long, drawn-out part-electronica, part slow techno, part electronic dub.

The first side is completely comprised of one 18-minute piece “Square”. Opening with a very long and sombre synthetic drone, the listener may at first begin to think they’re getting 37 minutes of heartrate-lowering mellowness, but what unfolds after the misleading opening third is a much more complex arrangement of nicely odd electronica, gentle synth stabs bouncing around in lakes of decay and delay with meandering glitching pads and a barely audible bass note that manages, to some degree, to keep proceedings vaguely grounded.

The second side is in three parts, with first “Chronogyre”, which introduces a steady, almost dubby sub-bassline over which plays some increasingly sparky sawtooth-edged synth notes that gradually build in chaoticness, but the underlying groove stays rock-steady. Although it starts with some cheery baby giggling noises, “Colussus” goes darker, laying some cinematic synth pads over another steady rumbling bassline. The dubby themes continue into short final track “Conditional Probability”, which is the track that sounds most like recent The Orb tracks, in the best possible way.

It’s strong, warm, dubby electronica with a lot of variety and a real sense of journey and purpose, and it ought to command a lot of attention.

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