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Artist: African Ghost Valley & Billy Roisz (@)
Title: Angry Ambient Artists Vol.3
Format: Tape
Label: Forwind Press (@)
Rated: *****
This new volume of Angry Ambient Artists is a split release by African Ghost Valley and Billy Roisz and, in spite of the title, is more oriented towards noise and experimental music territories than classic, or dark, ambient ones. Noisy sources are placed in times to variate dynamics and spectrum to create movement so it's not neither ambient nor industrial music but a crossover with a certain level of personality.
African Ghost Valley open their side of the tape with a noisy sound, vaguely reminiscent of certain '80s synth music, of "9732 XE" opens the first side of this tape and introduces the listener to a sort of noise ambient i.e., noise music without the deafening mass of layers but with a layer of quiet drone which sometimes emerges and takes the aural scene. "MM 152" is instead suspended on his oscillation between silence, quiet drones and sharp tones which creates a tension toward the final noisy section. From an initial part close to silence, "OC 154 T" closes the A side with an accumulation of layers which end in the closing mass of noise ending in silence.
Billy Roisz instead occupies her side of the tape with one track, "Hidden Layers", which oscillates between abrasive moments and quiet ones, both developed upon noisy elements asking the listener to follow a musical development rather to be overwhelmed by mass of sounds.
Perhaps a bit too noisy for the usual ambient fan, but it reveals al least a research of personal perspective of the crossover between ambient and noise. Not only for collectors.

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