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Artist: Ghost Flute & Dice
Title: Kropsbygning
Format: CD
Label: Attenuation Circuit (@)
Rated: *****
The music of Ghost Flute & Dice is based on piano but, instead of being something closer to modern classical and its neo-romantic chichés, has a tie to the intuition of modernity where piano is considered more as rhythmic instrument than a melodic one. Moreover there's an use of effects and tape editing which creates a level of abstraction above the piano line mostly based on chords and looping lines vaguely reminiscent of minimalism.
The framework of this release is immediately exposed in "Emdrup": piano chords and effects creating odd resonances which are a proper layer above the piano creating some similar to the classic accompanying strings, but with a wider spectrum and elements of noise. "Kejser af Kina" is instead more focused with the rhythmic elements using the prepared piano and the reverse effect. "Glasvind" proceeds by accumulation while "Wrong is here" borders ambient territories as it starts with an electronic setup prior to the entrance of the piano. The layers of "Standardlösninger" generate an apparently complex sound but it's instead based upon variations of a fistful of melodic cells. "Pladearbejde" explores the string elements of the piano while "Undersult" the variations of sound masses. "No Name Nr 2" closes this release with a dialogue of the piano with his effect and noises.
Apart for some trivial moments where the experimental layer is a little expectable, the equilibrium within moments tied to tradition and to modernity is remarkable. Practically a release enjoyable by everyone.

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