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Artist: Yair Etziony
Title: Deliverance
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: False Industries
Yair Etziony’s sixth album is an array of drama-laden electronic soundscaping full of dark symphonic chords, echoey rumbles and percussive hits, subbass groans and slow synthetic washes abound. Sounds familiar to the darkest of minimal techno production are repurposed into these sometimes-arhythmic arrangements that seem purpose-built to create a sense of dread.

After the full-on overture of “Justice”, “Am aller Ecke” is a more hollow affair that aims for the lower end of the register, before “Gesundbrunnen Ghosts” with its bottle-like melodic noises initially offers something a little more lightweight before distempered scratching sounds bring back the sense of fear.

The second half is more rhythmic. “Unterwelt” introduces a steady pulsing element that reconnects to Etziony’s techno roots and gives a different flavour of tension, while “Unheimlich”’s connection to techno is exhibited through the rasping bass synth note that ebbs and pans aggressively during the slow and ominous arrival of hard-to-place workmanlike hit sounds. By the time a TB-303-esque acid note arrives halfway through we realise we’ve wondered back into super-slow techno almost without noticing. Final track “Deliverance”, rather than being the culmination of what’s preceded it, tilts things in a different direction, focussing on a calm organic pattern of natural hand drumming over which the electronic weirdness is sprinkled more sparingly.

In a good way, it’s as though this album is the score to a sinister and immersive horror game- always tense and disquieting, but never sudden enough to really distract. The gradual progression from ambience into rhythm throughout the 40 minute span is well handled and forms a very interesting journey that plays things a touch safe at times but is still very engaging.

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