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Artist: Atrium Carceri, Cities Last Broadcast, God Body Disconnect
Title: Miles to Midnight
Format: CD
Label: Cryo Chamber (@)
Rated: *****
While, at first sight, this could seems a split album, it's a true and proper collaboration between three acts that already have a significant amount of release on Cryo Chamber. As it's now a sort of development for this label, "Miles to Midnight" is another step away from the dark ambient form; evidently inspired from noir movies, the most recognizable elements of the OST for this kind of movies are used: the drum played with brushes and melancholic piano lines.
The usual barrage of sound effects, almost canonical for this type of releases, opens "Miles To Midnight" evolving, just after a minute, in a form close to a song because, when the drum enters with a reverse loop, there a hint of melody in the background and a well defined structure. The piano of "A Thousand Empty Rooms" is ever more audacious in this exploration towards pop territories, so "Scene Of The Crime" with his sound details return to something closer to dark ambient but with an experimental twist. "Floor 6, Please" sounds like the second part of "A Thousand Empty Rooms" while "The Other Lobby" shows the technical abilities of this artists with a recreation of an old style sound spectrum and "Sorry Sir, You Are In The Wrong Room" starts as the first true approach to the canonical form of the genre. While "The Sleep Ensemble" is impressive with his sharp tones and detailed but quiet background, "Quiet Days On Earth" sounds more like the track which are usually used in the end titles of a movie.
This release could perhaps upset the die-hard fan of the genre as it has weak ties with the genre but it will be truly enjoyed by open minded fans and even fans of ambient in the wide sense. Recommended.

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