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Mar 10 2018
Artist: DJ Taye
Title: Still Trippin
Format: LP
Label: Hyperdub
Though branded as a relatively straightforward hip-hop electronica album, as you’d expect this offering from Hyperdub is a bit smarter than many of its peers. The groove and the swagger are definitely there, but the tempos are more varied and the drum programming is complex, the melodic synth work is smart and ambitious, and the fast-cutting production touches are quite deft, allowing the subbass to shine and offering something really different to listen to.

“Need It” is particularly unusual, cutting up jungle rhythms and bending them into a subdued multi-tempo affair that turns the vocal into something oddly stalker-ish. The tracks collaborating with DJ PayPal, such asl “Bonfire”, are equally jittery in interesting ways, with “Pop Hop” taking a surprising turn towards acid gabba (to a small extent). Fabi Reyna’s bass guitar playing and vocal on final track “I Don’t Know” give it an unusual vibe as well.

Lyrically it’s a mixed bag, with some unusual cultural and political lines at points, but also a fair share of the usual tedious testosterone-fuelled bragging and rapping-about-rapping that gets quite dull quite quickly.

Across sixteen tracks, mostly around three minutes each, there’s a breadth of ideas that keeps things running smoothly, but it is perhaps lacking enough real dynamics and highlights to make this a repeat-go-to album.

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