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Artist: VV.AA. (@)
Title: A Sense of Unity
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Stasis Recordings (@)
A four track EP of mostly ambient remixes of music by Mikael Syrehn aka ‘Maps of Hyperspace’, though it would have been nice to hear the original track to measure the alternate interpretations against. We have a nice, ambient-IDM piece provided by Boston, MA. based, Tim Dwyer aka Off Land, followed by deep space ambient from Norway’s Arjen Schat, along with a dark-atmospheric techno by someone who goes by ‘Elwood’ and finally a dance remix of an unreleased MoH track by Adriano Mirabile, simply titled “Sky”. First off, Off Land brings us into a vast, futurist star chart room aboard the interstellar ship, Stasis as the lights dim and augmented holo-controls materialize awaiting navigation queries. Our chief navigator waves through virtual panels like a Tai-Chi master while brooding ambient tones and rhythmic mechanical clicks provide dramatic tension. Then, Schat’s beatless track of deep ambience bellies the vacuousness of space with it’s reverberating tonal echoes as our navigator wades deeper into the firmaments while holo-planets and stars wash by. Elwood’s remix offers a steady pulsebeat to half-growling, half rumbling bass lines; a destination is selected and coordinates are set aboard starship Stasis—the propulsion system flings our heroes into the depths of deep space. Elwood is understated deep techno with mere vapours of trance accents while vocal fragments provide dark, attitude-driven moods. Adriano Mirabile closes the EP off on a house-music tempo tip with fragments of techno organs, ‘mission control’ squawks and snappy beats; perhaps our ship was bound to a party planet. Mirabile offers up a fun ending to a mostly pensive release. Speaking of which, A ‘Sense of Unity’ is pretty fulsome for a mere EP, with its range of moods, tones and textures, leaving this listener way satisfied and pleased to hear so much packed into so little. Practically a whole sci-fi episode worthy of the Expanse on the Syfy channel from this modest release.

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