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Artist: Yndi Halda
Title: A Sun-Coloured Shaker
Format: CD
Label: Sound In Silence
Though described as an EP, “A Sun-Coloured Shaker” is one long song, just under twelve minutes long, from the established post-rock band recently relocated to Cornwall. (Perhaps this has been done to balance out the fact that one of their previous “EP” releases was over an hour?!)

It’s one elaborate, quite prog rock ballad with more than a little of a Pink Floyd influence- lush atmospheric guitar plucking, steady drums and a vocal that manages to come across as both pained and dreamy in equal measure. As the song progresses it opens up a little into more instrumental and soundscapey tones but without any major shifts.

An interesting track well suited for people who’ve played their old Floyd records to death, but maybe not meaty enough to be justified as a release in its own right.

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