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Artist: Sevensol & Bender
Title: Das Ideale Geschenk
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
“Das Ideale Geschenk” is a three-pack of beautifully mellow, soft instrumental house, comprised relatively simply from lightweight rhythm patterns and long, warm, sunbleached chord pads. Dreamy chime sounds flitter over the top while the production deftly and subtly adjusts EQ’s and layers to keep things moving along.

After the supremely mellow journey of opening track “Mythen Center Korfu”, “Driftwood” adds some appropriately wooden-sounding extra percussion and a faintly harder-edged acid bassline into an arrangement that sounds more conventionally symphonic. “Rhythmus Tool” is, as the name suggests, a bonus 4-minute rhythm pattern DJ tool for running under structured beatless material as a DJ tool.

The most obvious criticism of the bundle is that it’s quite generic- there’s little in here to give proceedings any kind of distinctive character that will stand out from the crowd. But if you’re in the market for smooth, non-attention-grabbing super-dreamy house, check this out.

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