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Artist: Tiziano Milani (@)
Title: She
Format: CD
Label: Setola di Maiale (@)
Rated: *****
Almost three year after "Materia", Tiziano Milani returns with a release constructed using field recordings, found objects, tools for working wood and acoustic instruments which were processed using computer. This time, instead of a collection of track, the artist proposes a a track divided in three distinct movement where it's audible the cohesive idea behind it: using a relatively small palette of sound and developing them working on structure and nuance.
"She" is divided in three parts. The first one opens with strings and piano and evolves in a crescendo where, at his peak, there's something almost new for the artist: noise, which creates a tension with the bell in the background so there's a true dialectic between the musical elements. The second part is the center of this release where the drone is used a glue that tie together sparse sound elements as concrète sounds, piano, bells and even a quiet, pulsating noise creating a sense of narrative as demanding as charming. The third one is a quiet crescendo starting with silence, evolving with a drone and closing with small sounds, all searching the listener's attention rather than overwhelming it.
Long, complex and quiet, it's a release that could be arduous in times where there's a trend of user-oriented sound for the infinite amount of like in a social network. This is music that reconciles with the concept of "development in time" not "entertainment". Necessary as air. Chapeau.

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