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Artist: this difficult tree
Title: double sun
Format: LP
Label: Wide Ear (@)
Rated: *****
The almost imperceptible tapping on hi-hats by Vincent Glanzmann, the rising harmonium-like (but many people match it to the sound of portable Nintendo!) drone of a shruti box played by Silvan Jeger himself, the slyly looping theme by Silvan Schmidt's trumpet and imitated by Frantz Loriot on his viola (and reprised in the second half of the track) is the nice way by which Zurich-based double-bass player and singer Silvan introduces his quartet This Difficult Tree through the nine-minutes lasting opening composition "Magnetplanet", sounding like a lazy (and maybe slightly unwanted) awakening. The significant stylistical variations and contaminations of every single track in this release, whose relaxed atmosphere and insightful mood could be described as a possible balancing between free improvisations and chamber music, seem to mirror the wide spectrum of interests and collaborations - as part of Day&Taxi and the Reto Suhner quartet - as well as his attempts to build bridges between the song form, world music, jazz and improvisations of this Swiss guy, who churn out the best moments whenever this integration is more discernable (particularly when he uses his own voice): in spite of their compositional pop-like semplicity, "Momoko", "Winter", "City Lights", "Angststueck" or the final "Neu isd nicht immer besser" are maybe the more immersive aural outputs by this quartet, but the thin psychedelia inspired by the title track "Double Sun" or some other crackling vibes they grasped into tracks like "Skulldull" or "Flutternoia" are important complements to the definition of their sound. Have a check.

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