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Artist: Žibuoklė Martinaitytė
Title: Horizons
Format: CD + Download
Label: Music Information Centre Lithuania
The prosaically named Music Information Centre Lithunia offer up another collection of surprising experimental twists on the classical music form, with five live pieces from ibuokl Martinaityt played by a variety of mostly large ensembles and orchestras, and recorded between 2006 and 2015.

The title track is an epic self-contained suite full of tension and drama with a decidedly cinematic bent. Suspense and horror in parts, action and chase adventure at times, hints of romance at the edges, it’s a remarkably well-rounded score with a bit of everything- discordant enough at times to feel provocative but still very accessible.

Second piece “The Blue Of Distance” is a much more sombre affair, driven by a vocal ensemble sustaining long tones reminiscent of Lygeti, with lovely use of rise and fall, before “Completely Embraced” shifted gears yet again into a world of tense piano hammering, militaristic drumming and tense brass and strings that gradually eases and unfurls into a more pastoral and relaxed environment.

“Thousand Doors” is another broad suite with multiple sections, again suggesting a filmic collection of tensions and dramas, this time with a more sparse general landscape, before we finish with violin near-solo “Serenity Diptychs” in which a violin traces sometimes Glass-like arpeggios interspersed with some more proactive pace changes, underpinned by an stunningly neat and refined use of drone atmosphere.

These are beautiful, accomplished and dynamic modern classic works and they collate well into a 68-minute listening experience that should appeal to both people approaching it from both a traditional orchestral mindset and people looking for something with a true edge.

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