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Artist: Nonconnah
Title: Winter EP
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Silber
Arriving very late in the year ‘17, Nonconnah’s 22-minute Winter EP is a particularly understated work, in presentation and publicity and also in sound. Dark soft rumblings, digitally processed atmospheres, heavy reverbs and abstract field recordings blend into a set of five deep, eerie and uncomfortable environments as cold as the title suggests.

Opening track “When You Sank Into The Leaf-Strewn Earth” has a supremely low steady kick to it that hints at the approach of something rockier that never arrives, before “When The Blackbirds Formed An Inverted Cross” reveals a strangely more accessible side with slow, backwards-like melody and glitching effects. This then unfolds further when “When Your Hands Trembled As You Watched The Barren Fields” which brings the spontaneous glimmers of melody further into the mid-range while continuing the edgier hints of white noise on top. Fourth track “When The Ceiling Hit The Floor As The Barn Collapsed Around You” strips things back into darker territory with central use of sharp-edged gating or timestretching and a sense of claustrophobic breathing that bizarrely jumps into a bit of abstract warbled-piano slapping at the end. This treated piano then becomes the centrepiece of final track “You Said The Snow Is Like Amnesia I’m Forgetting Everything” which is like a short twisted parody of a filmic theme for love or death.

There’s more to this Winter EP than initially meets the eye and it’s a well crafted mini-album in effect, quite raw-edged in parts but easily exuding enough character to make it a tly interesting listen.

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