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Artist: Sisto Palombella
Title: Small pieces of accordion on a broken table
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Unexplained Sounds Group (@)
Rated: *****
While he's sometimes defined as minimalist, Sisto Palombella has a personal identity: first of all he use an instrument, the accordion, which is closer to the traditional, or folk, approach to music than to the avant-garde one; then, his music a sort of tie to the song form or the accompaniment to silent film so it's something that, even in his complexity, sounds familiar.
As the first track, "L'Airone", starts, the listener is immediately introduced in the typical minimalistic environment where small melodic cells are repeated until their phases created a sort of inner melody during the loop. While "El spacolo" continues in the same vein, "Natureverse" is able to create a rhythmic pattern from an instrument which is not a percussion. "Flop" is a catchy song while "The second subversive trip" denotes an impressive control for the timbre. While "Cervo Zoppo" and "Entrapped in a pop blues" are returns of the minimalist patterns, "Sartascn' sfrasciat'" uses a series of tricks to subverts his own from from the inside. "Il Condor", "L'Aquila" and "Bloody Christmas" close this release as variation around a form that is as multifaceted as apparently identical to itself.
In his commitment to form and his writing ability is able to let the listener forget, at least for a moment, to his evident and almost calligraphic reference to Terry Riley and, perhaps, this is the best compliment someone could write about his music. Truly recommended for fans of classic minimalism.

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