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Artist: Innlaandds
Title: s/t
Format: CD
Label: Wide Ear Records (@)
The same-named debut album by this combo of Swiss musicians - the long-lasting mates Bernard Trontin on drums and Michel Wintsch ("strumming" on a piano and a synth and caring composition on this output), the vocalist and lyricist Antoine Lang and Raphael Ortis on electric bass - explores inner visions and the sometimes paradoxical mazed of dream states and oniric visions, but I guess the outer visions of Swiss landscapes and environment could have heavily influenced a style that sounds oblique like the steep cliffs and the rugged terrain of that land. I also guess these folks are aware of such an obliquity or they maybe yearn to sound oblique, as someone could argue by looking at the cover artwork, highlighted the above-mentioned cliffs. They generically labelled their style as "experimental pop", a tag that hides the clot of influences of their sound: Antoine's voice (and sometimes lyrics) could resemble some crooners of contemporary jazz, easygoing off-key teeny pop-rock singers or my little adorable 4-yrs old niece during pitchy interpretation of Frozen theme songs; Bernard's drumming ranging from hard-bop jazzy sessions to pressing rockish lines, from slow riding to dubby "upholstery" as well as from trivial and interesting techniques. Similarly, Wintsch synth and piano-driven entities and Ortis basslines feature such a constant ambiguity, but they want to run the risk that such an ambiguity couldn't satisfy listeners whose ears experienced different workout (to call it so). It could sound odd, but Innlaandds' sound is consistent with what these Swiss folks try to represent.

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