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Artist: Ricardo Tobar
Title: Luturgia
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: ESP Institute
“Liturgia” is an EP of four eight-minute-long, gentle and atmospheric instrumental house music taking some organic-sounding rhythms and blending with quite melancholy slow chord pads and smatterings of electronica bleeps and clicks. Both sides of the 12” pair a clubbier tune with something a little more out-there.

Opener “La Dormida” has a faintly South American percussive flavour and feels steady and determined, whereas “The Lake” is distinctly more glum, with an interesting use of sawtooth-edged, semi-patterned, slow-rising high synth line. “Liturgia” is a more regular, bass-driven steady house track, and then “Star Alliance” wigs out somewhat with a really unusual lead line that sounds like a pitched-up didgeridoo, but, erm, better.

It’s a really strong and immersive EP- or at 36-minutes perhaps I ought to describe it as a mini-album- with a quality imbued with confidence. Definitely one to check out for fans of thoughtful deep house.

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