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Dec 08 2017
Artist: Visible Cloaks
Title: Lex
Format: CD & Vinyl
Label: RVNG Intl.
Following on from their debut album, the Oregon-based duo Visible Cloaks offer up a 6-track mini album of soft, bright, energetic, avantgarde open-minded electronica built up from quirky glitched rhythms, soft pads and ahhhhs, Eastern-influenced percussive tones, spoken word snippets and some very squelchy synth work.

The first five tracks are all odd little sketches, cut-up and unpredictable and seemingly reveling in the defiance of expectations- just when you think you’ve got a handle on what’s happening, there’s an abrupt stop and something else arrives. Nothing’s allowed to breathe for long, which is a shame in parts as some elements, such as the Japanese Tangerine Dream-esque segments of “Keys”, could really have been explored in much more depth. “Frame” has hints of Susumu Yokota, and the title track has a subtly harder edge, it seems from that short piece that Visibles Cloaks at their most aggressive sound like Venetian Snares at his most mellow.

Final track “World”, at fourteen minutes longer than all the other tracks put together, is more coherent- a smooth, gentle bit of soundscaping with more than a slight echo of 1990’s era ambient house and what people called ‘trance’ before that label got attached to the club sound. Think Salt Talk, The Irresistible Force, FFWD, we’re firmly in that world and it’s lovely. Lush piano and harp sounds, water noises, gentle pad underscores, it’s pure loveliness. It’s not completely devoid of the skitty glitches of the first five tracks, but it’s a lot more settled. I could listen to this track extended to two hours, it’s like a familiar aural spa.

Personally I found the ambience of the final track more successful than the abrupt sketching of the first five, but as an electronica mini-album it’s certainly beautiful and attention-deserving. If they’ve done a properly ambient album, sign me up.

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