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Artist: Giovanni Lami (@)
Title: Hysteresis II
Format: Tape
Label: czaszka (rec.) (@)
Rated: *****
The second part of this ongoing project was recorded on the volcanic site of Solfatara and, because of the sound similarities of those activities with the hiss of the tape, it's perhaps more organic than its predecessor. For those who missed the previous review, it should be said that this project is a series of field recording manipulated directly on a reel-to-reel tape without any other manipulations except editing.
While "Hysteresis I" was heavily focused on tape noises, the first side of this release starts with a more recognizable field recordings as the voices are in the foreground even if the noises of the tape manipulation are more audible than in the first chapter of this project, then the center of the composition became the tape manipulation to alter the pitch of the recording, then it ends trying to blend the noises of the tape with the noise of the ambience. The second side features even some music while it's not discernible if it's recording on the field or it's a memory of the tape, however it's more focused on the sound development than on the noises disposition in time and this approach creates a more enjoyable release as it's less orthodox in following his premises.
While it's could be viewed as a variation on the scenario of the previous chapter, it reveals how it could unfolds in different directions while sounding the same at first sight for the inattentive listener and this opus is something to be handled with care. Waiting for the next chapter with curiosity.

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