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Artist: Makkatu
Title: Ordeal
Format: CD
Label: Urbsounds (@)
Rated: *****
I didn't receive any biographical info about this entity called Makkatu, pushed by Urbsounds, the amazing Bratislava-based label by Michal Lichy, but it doesn't really matter to enjoy the sonorities it (referring to Makkutu, as it could be a male, a female, an animal, an alien or whatever) browses on this (debut?) release. Besides the mycological connection (mycelium is that web of branches, called hyphae, spreading chaotically by fungal colonies), the initial track "Micelium" and its grid of resounding bleeps, cushioned hits and cog-like thuds, whose tone get lowered in the second half of the track, could let you think Makkatu is going to take the direction of brainy side of the so-called 'rhythmic noise', but the style of the following track "Compose" slots in the darker mazes of dub techno. The stress on a tone of the computational sequence (typical of Detroit techno), the dried rhythmical pattern and the risingly darker atosphere of many tracks of Makkatu's outputs: tracks like "Swamp", "Flow" or "Will o the wisp" could surmise some acid declensions of the first steps into minimal techno and electro, made in the late 90ies by techno-makers of New York scene such as Abe Duque, Dietrich Schoenemann, Susanne Brokesch, Arc (bicephalous project by Savvas Ysatis and Taylor Deupre) and so on, while other stuff gets closer to the amazing sonorities spread by some Trsor djs in its glorious years (tracks like "Gorge" or "Hollow tree" could be easily matched to stuff by Drexciya, Surgeon or Sender Berlin). If you are a lover of dark electro-techno stuff, Makkatu deserves a check.

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