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Artist: Noisebrigade
Title: Chasing Towers
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: self-released
The on-off project Noisebrigade returns with a 5-track EP of instrumental synthwave that blends some decidedly retro synth sounds with some relatively complex programming and bright production.

After the electro-tinged synthpop of the title track, second track “Colliding Horizons” has shades of moombahton in the rhythm, underneath some very alien sliding synth work, while the surprisingly short “Exploding Stars” has a slightly more aggressive stepping attitude that seems to recall Cabaret Voltaire.

“Heirophant’s Nebula” reminds me of steady tension bed music from Sylvester McCoy-era Doctor Who, but definitely in a good way, and is perhaps the most retro-facing of the set, before “Uranus’ Rings” is more of a ballad, sounding though it’s in search of a soulful vocal (though with a title like “Uranus’ Rings” the lyric writer might be in for a bit of a challenge).

It’s a strong EP that finds a nice balance between looking backwards and offering something a little new. Without any vocals some listeners may find it doesn’t develop a unique selling point, but for people who can’t get enough of the synthwave revival that’s seemingly here to stay (for a few years at least), this should definitely be in their baskets.

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