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Artist: Quentin Hiatus (@)
Title: Out Here EP
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Free Love Digi (@)
Rated: *****
2017 has been a very intense and prolific year for Quentin 'Hiatus' McFadden, who added a lot of good releases in his rapidly growing discography - I warmly recommend the tripartite album "I'm Neither Quentin Not Hiatus"if you missed it in the huge cloud of digital releases of bass-driven music -. "Out Here" is the EP, by which Quentin rides off into the sunset of this triumphant creative gallop over the year, that is drawing to a close. The first track of the five included in this EP winks at Juke and Trap sonorities in the first seconds, before unrolling mellow tunes. I'm not sure if the vocal sample that can be heard after a couple of minutes got grabbed by some radio shows or interviews of Dean Edell, a broadcaster and physician, who became very popular in the late 70ies/early 80ies for his radio show on KGO radio and his well-argued opinions against magical beliefs, pseudoscience related to healing methods and some surgical and medical practises (he was against circumcision, hysterectomies and so on). He was also one of the earlier supporters of the medical use of marijuana and other psychedelic drugs. The balance between liquid sci-fi pads, the slightly nervous beat and the title repeated by a soulful female voice on the following "Find Out" sounds like an invitation to the base to acquire an explorative mindset. The way by which Quentin organizes sounds in "Born Woke" looks like a dribbling between a sci-fi melody, electronic fibrillations and percussive elements that he manages to slot into the previous ones. The futuristic hip-hop and the meaningful lyrics of "Kryptomedic Rejection" (a link to the initial Edell (if I guessed references) precede the amusedly alien entrapping game of "Unexpected Guest".

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