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Artist: Jeremy Keenan (@)
Title: Scripts
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Forwind Press (@)
Rated: *****
While he's a relatively (un)known sound artist, this is the first audio release I heard of by Jeremy Keenan. Most of his output is an exploration and an actualization of the processes used by the avant-garde of the '60s, so his focus in on generative music process and the properties of sound rather than on melody and harmony. To fully appreciate this release it's quite recommended a proper setting e.g., headphone and the concern that a listener should place his attention on sound movements in timbre rather than pitch.
The short drones that open "Scripts" introduce the listener into an apparently static sound field, even if the three parts of the track are sharply delimited, which exposes his form when the listener is aware of the movements either in frequency than in space. "Intone" continues on the same path but with a process of addition and subtraction of the layers of well defined frequencies of the drones. As the elements of "Zapffe" enter and exit from the listener's perception, there's a sense of writing along with the construction of the timbres and this is further confirmed by "We Were Supposed to Drown" which is completely focused upon a single drone which is slightly but continuously modified to escape even the smallest moment of stasis.
This release with his impressive movement to be based mainly on drones is a sure pick for all fans of ambient music and with his wise choice of concision (it lasts only 29 minutes) it could be appreciated also by the casual listener of the genre. Recommended.

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