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Artist: Peter Zirbs
Title: Firmament
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Fabrique Records
“Firmament” is a compact EP of 3 tracks from the moodier side of piano-pop.

The instrumental title track sets slightly Glass-like repeating piano arpeggios with a steady basslines and triphop-ish beats. “Ritual Vitality” starts with the same structure but with far more pace and energy, with an slightly acid bassline that eventually unfolds into an unusual 12/8 sort of lightweight, glam rock/techno hybrid.

Tom Walkden’s vocal on “You Don’t Feel Like This” makes it the centerpiece of the EP, but while it’s a strong and sorrowful song, the musical arrangement falls into some slightly flat, pop ballad clichés.

The result is reminiscent of a late 1990’s era CD single- a main vocal track (a touch flat) and two interesting and slightly more experimental B-sides, all intended to draw your attention to an album (which in the case of Peter Zirbs I have no information about), but not a complete mini-work in its own right.

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