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Artist: Atariame (@)
Title: Fear is the World
Format: Tape
Label: Constellation Tatsu (@)
Rated: *****
The St.Petersbourg-based singer and producer Atariame is one of the "brightest" stars in Constellation Tatsu spring/summer bunch. I decided to use quotation marks as you won't maybe label her as a serene artist, but I won't see is a sort of black hole, as her light is not that dark. If we have to use one of the typical ways to file stars, she could be matched to a white dwarf more as she emits some shining rays of light, but some technical improvements of the music surrounding her crystalline voice could let her shine more. Anyway, the dried elements that orbit around her voice is something that could evoke an almost empty space around both the sound of her voice and the intuitions and the emotional depths she enlightens. Her style could sometimes resemble some known voices floating in the oceans of dream pop, sad core, bedroom music and darkwave such as Chelsea Wolfe or Lotte Kostner (particularly when musical dress is close to folkish sonorities - in songs like "Sweet Taste of Being Accepted" or "Travel Burnout") or some stuff on the notorious label Kranky, but electronics (even if sometimes rough) often set different settings for her vocal emissions/emulsions. I particularly enjoyed the ghosts of 80ies dark wave evoked in "Fluffy Paws", the grey drones of "Always the Youngest" or the intimate magnetism of tracks like "Lying Awake" and "The Pretty Takes It All", but the whole album sounds consistent with the nature of the emotional set that Atariame explores. Once upon a time, Atariame should have been labelled as a 'next big thing'.

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