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Artist: Melodie Des Vergessens
Title: Palustre Genesis
Format: CD
Label: Zhelezobeton (@)
Rated: *****
Melodie des Vergessens is a project of Igor 'The Ghost' Tumanniy, which began in 2012. Unfortunately, he's dead now having committed suicide in Moscow early this year. All music is based on post-processing of live sound of the accordion, sampledelics in small quantities, and some compositions have vocals. Although he has a number of other releases, this is the only one I've heard. 'Palustre Genesis' is a very strange affair, beginning with the mysterious Druid-like figure on the cover, which could very well be Igor. In five tracks of 41 minutes length, you're certainly not going to hear anything that sounds like "accordion music". According to the Zhelezobeton one-sheet - "Igor recorded the material for this work in the summer of 2015, alone with nature, in thickets, forests and swamps, while later working on it in his mobile studio, This resulted in six disassociative dark ambient compositions in which abstract textures morph into harmonic consonances, get overgrown by viscous layers of electronic processings and turn into rhythmic patterns created from looped acoustic noises. Often one can hear the characteristic timbre of the instrument, but sometimes it transforms into something chemically otherworldly as if coming from another dimension. Here one can feel the subtle personal movements when one is left alone with himself, surrounded by dark woods and looking in the abysmal mirror of infinity."

I couldn't have described that better myself, hence the quote. This is far removed from typical dark ambient, perhaps DA filtered through experimental electro-acoustical manipulations, and no two tracks sound the same, or remotely similar. The only track that seemed to have anything remotely sounding like an accordion was #5 -"Trepidation". Still, it is fairly atypical. There is a sense of unease woven throughout this album which makes it all the more disturbing. Even when there is not a lot happening the atmosphere seems dense and encompassing. There is also a vague sense of ritualism. It is unknowable now what Igor was striving to realize, so it is left to the imagination of the listener. For me, this could be the aural equivalent of a DMT trip, and not necessarily a pleasant one. But all experiences have their benefits and drawbacks, and perhaps with repeated listenings more can be gleaned "from the other side" on this recording. Strictly limited to 77 hand-numbered copies.

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