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Artist: Omrr (@)
Title: Devils for my Darling
Format: CD
Label: Dronarivm (@)
Rated: *****
This release is presented as an imaginary love story in the liner noted of the CD by this Egyptian sound artist which present a release based on what is called as glitch-pop i.e., glitch music that, instead of revolving around noise, it's based on small sound events to be closer to a lullaby than unpredictable sequences of samples.
The first track, "Quicksands", opens this release with gentle lines of synth revolving without a center which are juxtaposed to sample and a final line of guitar just when the track seems to became static. The layers of "Ink We Spill" generate a complex sound field with an overall sensation of levity obtain with a careful choice of nuances. The quite crescendo of "Lunatics" is touching in his simplicity while "Illicit" generates tension with his use of drones and loops. The piano of "Aquiver" put this release in the perilous fields of modern classical remaining reasonably safe and "Your Heartless Sky" uses samples of field recordings to creates something similar to the effect of b&w in a color movie i.e., generates a sense of nostalgia. "Rotten Poetry" is a short experiment with more abrasive sounds and "Eloquent" closes this release with an evocative soundscape with use a breathing as rhythmic infrastructure and the carillon-like melody to close this release in a dreamy atmosphere.
This is a really strange release because it uses a really canonical form so it should be just another release for fans but has that kind of charm, and a couple of really well written tracks, that the first to do when the CD stops is to play again the press bottom. A nice release for everyone.

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