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Artist: Mun Sing
Title: Witness EP
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Infinite Machine
“Witness” is a pack of four short, dark, frenetic techno pounders rounded off with an extra remix. Focussed almost entirely around clipped and frantic drum patterns, adding surprisingly sporadic acid basslines, and with broad use of stereo and light smatterings of melodic percussion, it’s a very focussed and determined sonic attitude.

After the hammering broken-techno plateau of “Revenge”, “Eye” is a darker and growlier beast awash with distortion- post-dubstep angrily mangled. “An Illusion” dives into the sub-bass with robotic gut-punch sounds and sporadic reverberant clangs. “Emerald” takes some more organic-sounding tom and kick sounds and pitch-shifts them into quirkiness in a way that’s more of a cerebral exercise in musical moiré patterns than it is dance music.

The sole remix from Urquieta adds extra melodic elements to “Revenge”, not changing the drum arrangements particularly but softening it up via a re-EQ that makes it feel like it’s been re-performed in a new environment.

Every track is succinct, generally around the four minute mark, making its point and never overstaying a welcome.

Infinite Machine deliver the goods again with another pack of dark techno to confuse and delight.

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