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Artist: Giulio Aldinucci
Title: Borders And Ruins
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Karlrecords
Italian sound artist Aldinucci’s first release on Karlrecords is a 50-minute collection of eight thickly layered ambient soundscapes comprising electronics, choral tones, found sounds and atmospheres with a deeply reverential and reverberant tone throughout. It’s an extensive audio sigh with a rich and cinematic tone and a very soporific atmosphere.

After the choir-heavy opening of “Exodus Mandala”, “Division” is a more industrial-toned affair. An arcing background electric hum gives an extra sense of unease in “Parole”, that goes beyond the initial worry that there’s a fault in one of your speaker cables, before the relaxing choral sonic carpet returns in “Venus Of The Bees”.

“The Pray (Dissonant Association)” has a more synthetic feel to it, the longest piece in which the washes and envelopes are more overtly expressed. “Chrysalis” has the same construction but alternates between two choral notes in a manner that begins to feel like a Philip Glass work. Final track “The Skype Cloud And Your Smile On The Left” feels like the most conventionally melodic, in relative terms, dipping towards being a digital lullaby of sorts.

It’s a rich, consistent and velvety bit of sound layering which isn’t overshadowed or made excessively sacral by the use of choral tones. All rather lush and premium stuff.

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