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Sep 28 2017
Artist: Klein
Title: Tommy
Format: 12"
Label: Hyperdub
“Tommy” is a very difficult to fathom 24-minute collection of 8 tracks which take vocal and lounge-music-ish tones that sound like downtempo trip-hop and stick them in a glitch blender to generate something genuinely strange even by Hyperdub standards, even by ChainDLK standards in fact. A deliberate aversion to steady rhythm and a willingness to jump spontaneously between sombre drone and cut-up mania, partnered with a playful willingness to pitch down and timestretch vocals to the point of being unrecognisable and beyond, gives you something that’s genuinely hard to get your head around.

“Cry Theme” is particularly disorientating, taking one vocal snippet (possibly singing “never cry”) and pitching and retriggering it over detuned and flanged piano in a piece that seems to first clamour for your attention and then seems to want rid of that attention before returning with a brief train-like rhythm pattern that is one of the few parts of this work that feels deliberately structured.

There’s a strong sense of tragedy throughout, as though a melancholy is competing with a furious sense of injustice behind a mixing desk without either coming out the winner. The title track, a two-minute layering of off-kilter piano and busy café noises, is quite unrepresentative of the whole. The last two pieces, “B2k” and “Farewell Sorry”, are slightly more low-key affairs, although the latter started patterning up in a way that almost begins to evolve into rave music if you squint with your ears.

It’s entertainingly weird- and I mean that without a single negative connotation- and rather raw in parts, a bold mini-album of expressive and personal electronica that will inspire some people, and confuse the hell out of others.

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