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Artist: Volker Böhm
Title: Endless Undo
Format: CD + Download
Label: clang
In this short 5-track album, classically trained pianist and now software developer Volker Böhm lays out a relatively familiar fusion of mellow classical composition and sharp digital electronic soundscaping, with crisp, lightweight, glitchy rhythm patterns. The bell tones are relatively pure, it breaks very little new ground, but it’s eminently smooth and very pleasurable.

After opening track “Heisenberg” spends the best part of five minutes exploring percussive glitches and electronic tweaks, we reach a more melodic landscape occupied by sparse but structured piano playing and soft chord pads. This gentle introspective sound continues throughout the almost ballad-like “Liub” and then deeper into the sleepy, drooping eyelids atmosphere of “Dezember”.

As the name implies, “Klicker” returns to a more rhythm-based arrangement, with short bleeps and effects very reminiscent of Venus Hum at times. At 35 minutes, it manages to avoid overstaying its welcome, and by the end of lush, Rhodes-heavy final track “Madeira” your state of relaxation ought to be complete.

The melding of mellow sustained chords with complex rhythm patterns has been explored in many ways before, but what this release doesn’t have in terms of originality, it certainly has in terms of polish. It’s a smooth, oddly relaxing work that really benefits from focussed, active listening.

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