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Artist: Krzysztof Penderecki (@)
Title: Kosmogonia
Format: CD
Label: Cold Spring (@)
Rated: *****
The importance of a composer could be seen when it's able to expand the boundaries of contemporary music; even a label as Cold Spring, devoted to post industrial and similar genres, can publish the reissue of a release by Penderecki. He's however well know to be one of the most noisy and abstract composer of the post-war period so it's not an issue to see him close to a Merzbow's reissue while it's strange to see that one of his landmark release was never released in a digital format after his vinyl release more than forty years ago but this is indication of the arduous nature of his music.
The first track "Kosmogonia" is based on the alternation of noisy moments, mostly obtained by fast and loud musical lines, and quieter ones so it's something close to the eruption of a volcano and after an instrumental first part, the voices are most prominent element of the second ones with movement close to mass of drones obtained by an unorthodox use of the chorus. While most composers would use electronics to obtain subtle masses of sounds, "De Natura Sonoris II" uses violins to obtain slow and detailed drones and other instruments to interrupt them with unexpected grain of noise or rhythmical ellipsis. Even in the same musical context, "Anaklasis" is more oriented toward the percussive element obtained by the instruments and with short sound lines so it's sequences of small events generating a complex overall schema. "Fluorescences" closes this release juxtaposing the two elements of the pieces collected in this release: the long textures and the short sound elements so quiet and noisy moments are in a dialectic form in the search of an (in)possible synthesis.
It doesn't make any sense to recommend or not this release as its importance is so huge to be an essential listening to those who have a minimal familiarity with contemporary music; however, for his sound properties it could even be an introduction for fans of drone or industrial music to a world that is often seen as boring or outdated but has covered similar path to this genres with other vehicles. Essential.

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