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Artist: Phurpa
Title: Phurpa - ya tog rid pa’i gyer
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Zoharum (@)
Distributor: Alchembria
As a mirror to "Rituals of Bön II", this release is the successor of “Chöd” and, obviously, it moves towards the usual territories of band. As stated in the previous reviews, their music is based on traditional religious music, mainly from the Bön tradition, and so it requires meditation by the band to perform it and by the audience to hear it. It's not music based on modes or melodies but it's closer to certain musical tendencies where sound and his properties are more important than his path; it's contemplation rather than reasoning.
The first part starts quietly as based on bell's resonances which as introduction to the initial harmonic chant that introduces the listener into a rather familiar territory; then percussions and cymbals generates an almost "industrial" (in a broad sense) introduction to the aerophones (their name is not listed) whose bass drones and unusual sounds generates their usual sound field changing from quiet and meditative to cathartic and loud. Then, a long singing part takes the listener toward the end of this part with the accompaniment of the cymbals.
Just when the listener is certain of what he's going to listen, the second part starts with wooden percussions and a chordophone; so their sound is even more minimal and has his evocative character from the use of silence as a proper sound material. When the other elements of their sound returns are introduced by seconds of silence, creating the sense of hearing a ritual.
As few project, they creates the sense of developing a single opus out of separated fragments and it's so musically pure to be an absolutely essential listen even if it's not music for everyone. Unratable and to be heard in silence.

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