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Artist: Glaukom Synod
Title: Vampires and Gorgeous Throats
Format: Tape
Label: Visceral Circuitry Records (@)
Rated: *****
This French harsh electro-industrial project has been around since at least 2005 with a bunch of releases prior to this one that of course, I've never heard. 'Vampires and Gorgeous Throats' is a 7-track EP because the tracks are all so short. What it is, is absolutely manic-panic synth and drum programming with as lot of sampling thrown in for good measure. It's all instrumental, as the only "vocals" are the infrequent spoken word samples. They are used infrequently, except for the archetypal "Tarzan yell," which forms the basis for "Jungle glaukom fever" as the sample is multiplied and heaped layer upon layer in this one. It's all too much and gives the music a cartoony ambience. In fact, many of the tracks on the EP sound cartoon industrial. Although there were a few breaks from the breakneck pacing, it was all a little much for me, and seemed like pointless hardcore at many times. Those who like their industrial rhythms spit out from a machine gun might enjoy it, but I'm not sure you'll be able to listen to it seriously, especially now that I've labeled it "cartoon crazy". Available on cassette or digital download.

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