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Artist: Hyperbubble (@)
Title: Pretty Plastic
Format: CD
Label: Pure Pop For Now People (@)
Rated: *****
If there's one thing San Antonio, Texas synthpop duo Jeff & Jess DeCuir certainly are, it's prolific. In the time they've grabbed my attention I've reviewed no less than five of their albums previously. But these folks go back way further than my acquaintance with them- all the way back to 1997 in fact. That's why 'Pretty Plastic' is such a cool and vital album in the Hyperbubble oeuvre- it's a compilation of singles, compilation cuts, soundtracks and vinyl-only releases over the years on labels from England, Scotland, America, France, Germany, Italy and Japan. Very little of it have I ever heard before, so for me it's like a band new album! This is the "good stuff" too - quirky dance-oriented synthpop, mostly with vocals, and not a lot of it experimental or off-genre. There are wonderful gems here such as "Girl Boy Pop Toy," two versions of "Synesthesia," "Disgow Glasgow" (did that swipe that from Telex's "Moscow Diskow" ?), "Candy Apple Daydream," "Better Set Your Phasers to Stun," "Rollerboogie Babydoll," "Welcome to Infinity," "Kinky," "Pop Star," and more. One of my favorite Hyperbubble ditties on this album is "Theme from Modsnap" (2007) which was used for a San Antonio-based , a public-access television cable TV show on fashion. Sounds very Euro-'80s. Overall, 'Pretty Plastic' is a wonderful comp, and while it can't encompass everything Hyperbubble's ever done, it does give you enough odds & sods to make it absolutely worthwhile. Recommended!

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