Dec 032010
Welcome back from hiatus with their latest offering “degenerate”, coming 19 January 2011. There are no hidden agendas here, just dirty south gothic house music continuing the tradition of honest low tech electronic dance music with industrial/techno/synthpop/ebm flavours. On offer are 13 tracks including a remix of the title track. The geographically random crew have collaborated via smoke signal, ship mail, shortwave and telepathy to cobble together this triumphant return of the sound nicely tidying up an era while introducing some new sounds.

The limited physical run of this release will be only 50 numbered cds from control freak records. The first 23 CD pre-orders can have a message or link in the liner notes (while time and supplies allow). Digital will be handled directly by us via our bandcamp page.

Audio clips, release and order info available at

Reconnect with “radiate” and “manipulate” at