Dec 212013
We wish you a great Christmas time and some relaxing holy-days!


We celebrate יהוה, Ἰησοῦς Χριστός and The Holy Spirit, and our Juris celebrates الله
but NO bearded clowns, no X-Mess, no Helloween or whatever western “civilised” scrap.

so as every year our Christmas slogan is:
say NO to hohoho!


we reduced hundreds of titles generally and forever to 4,90 and 7,90 euro now

on top of this, we have now over the holidays

up to MINUS 90% on ALL titles

starts from 0.49 Euro per CD!

> except news and a few specials <

and we completely KICK OUT METAL from our program for small coins now
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ALLERSEELEN – Stirb und Werde

2LP in heavy gatefold-cover / Ahnstern 06  –  19.90 Euro

If you have the ALLERSEELEN BOXSET subscription, please order your copy  HERE
you have to pay only the shipment, not the 2LP itself

The Allerseelen DoLP Stirb und Werde will is released at winter solstice 2013. Three sides of the vinyl contain the digitally remastered songs and acoustic landscapes of the almost sold out Allerseelen CD Stirb und Werde. The four unreleased songs on side A are collaborations between Allerseelen and Aima, Fräulein König and Ianva Divisione Archeomeccanica that were recorded at Agorà, Dungeon Studio (Rhenania), ReAbo Studios and Haus zur letzten Latern.

A album-medley is here on youtube

THE MYRRORS – Burning Circles in the Sky

180g LP in heavy gatefold-cover / Rewolfed Gloom Records RGR001
black vinyl lim.400  –  17.90 Euro
coloured vinyl lim.100  –  21.90 Euro

listen to War Paintings !

The desert lives and within it a few wild creatures, some of them are rock-musicians if it happens to work out geographically just as it does with the Phoenix / Arizona based outfit THE MYRRORS. And the desert with it’s supernatural, magical atmosphere was a huge influence on the four teenagers along with all kinds of psychedelic rock, Arabian, Latin American, Turkish and Indian folk music and mind bending free-jazz. And therefore the music sounds like a journey into the deep solitude of the desert in peace with oneself but still boiling and simmering hot, engrossedly floating fraught with visions and ghostly hallucinations from a strange world., even sometimes like taking a stroll in the garden of Eden. The stereoscopic, vivid and sometimes washy sound brings a trance like mood. Desert sounds like a cricket’s chirring and spiritual chants, as to be found in the long track „Mother of all living“ intensify the hypnotic effect further on. The band formed by high school friends in 2005 recorded it’s only album in 2008 with rather elementary equipment and prepared the privately released Cdr in manual labour not long before falling apart due to the usual reasons such as work and studies. The incredible success of their peace anthem „War paintings“ as Youtube clip came after the break and posthumously brought the band well deserved publicity and appreciation, what conserves their music for all fans of psychedelic desert rock and smoothes the way for a reissue in an adequate sound carrier format.
Comes in a 350gsm Gatefold and on 180g vinyl!

F.ormal L.ogic D.ecay – His Master’s Void
digipack CD lim. 150 copies / Steinklang SK75  –  12,90 Euro

This avant-garde solo project of Luigi Maria Mennella constantly evolves, dating back to 1990! Each of his recordings is different and inaugurates the transition to a duo-lineup with this concept album focused on deconstruction and re-arrangement in a contemporary way of old XX century songs. Starting from Musique Concrète research, passing through electroacoustic music experimentations, stretching to Industrial extremism, the tracks of this album plan to fill a technological void and pull the “cover” classic conception down according to a wider spectre of expressive instruments with which translate the intuitions of these authors of the past, to whom they pay a simply ‘volcanic’ tribute.

INFESTATION – Second Souffle
6-side digipack CD lim. 300 copies / Steinklang SK74  –  12,90 Euro

Five years in the making, the new INFESTATION album “Second Souffle” is now finally available on Steinklang records. After the debut album “Bastion Intouchable (2008)”, the French-Canadian martial industrial attack is back! On this new release, violence is now at it’s peak. Complex orchestral phrasing is mixed with devastating war drums and destructive vocals. “Second Souffle” is a unique martial industrial album, a paroxysm of affirmative cultural resistance. It’s a firm statement against globalisation and the hypocrisy of multiculturalism. The album also explore the themes of sentimental nihilism and the duality of life and death. This is a must have for all fans of Von Thronstahl, Dernière Volonté, Triarii, In Slaughter Natives, Arditi or early Der Blutharsch.

ASBAAR – Aurora Folia
digipack CD lim. 150 copies / Steinklang SK73  –  12,90 Euro

ASBAARs new album “Aurora Folia” dives deeply into the magic of nature, with sounds evoking landscapes full of light and shadows within dense forest vegetation, immersing in the cold waters of a river, or a look into the sky of earth’s creator. This album gives a different point of view within Dark Ambient Music and a change to a new direction in the musical work of ASBAAR. A walk through nature’s mystics, hidden between the empirical and the rational against the world of magical dreams.

TRIO DAG – Sećania
Atlantide CD07  –  12,90 Euro
Atlantide LP07  –  18,90 Euro

Reissue of a monstrously rare former-Yugoslavian psych folk masterpiece, originally released in 1974. Includes three bonus tracks taken from 7-inches.
On this CD are their complete recordings – the original LP sells for 500+ Euro!

OPUS – Opus 1
Atlantide CD08  –  12,90 Euro
Atlantide LP08  –  18,90 Euro

Reissue of the debut album by former-Yugoslavian prog rock band Opus, originally from 1975. Featuring ex-members of YU Grupa, Siluete, Korni Grupa and Dah. 7″ bonus track included!

Atlantide CD01  –  12,90 Euro

Reissue on CD of an impossible to find psychedelic masterpiece. Made in the mid ’70s in former Yugoslavia. This is one of the best Pink Floyd-esque psychedelic albums. Stunning guitars and killer keyboards. Anyone into heavy psychedelia needs this one!

Dezela CD1  –  12,90 Euro

This LP is one of the most beautiful and highest artistic Folk albums from southern Europe.
The original of this legendary 80ies LP from Slovenia is impossible to find and very expensive.

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