May 242013
Grey Sparkle

Sparkle in Grey: “Thursday Evening”

Out on June 2nd

Lizard / Old Bicycle / Show Me Your Wounds /
Grey Sparkle

Recorded by Andrea Serrapiglio (who worked with Carla Buzolich, Evangelista, Zu 93 and Scott McCloud), pre-recorded by Mario Bossi (of Arci Blog in Arcore), mixed by Matteo Uggeri and Andrea Serrapiglio and mastered by Riccardo “Rico” Gamondi (Uoki Toki, La Morte).

Once again Sparkle in Grey are making changes in their several styles, adding new, maybe harsher, shades to their unclassificable palette.
“Thursday Evening” is as a heterogenous strange album full of bizarre surprises.
It includes three covers and a secret song that will be sent to the (few) fans who’ll buy the record with its tiny pebble included and will contact back the band telling what are they going to make with it.

Thursday Evening - Normal digipack Edition

Normal Edition

CD digipack +

  • A tiny pebble
  • Secret song sent via mail to who contact the band telling his idea about the use of his pebble

Price: 10 Euros

Thursday Evening Riot Edition

Riot Edition (30 copies)

CD digipack +

Price: 20 Euros

Thursday Evening - digital


Buy it on Bandcamp
in Flac/MP3/Ogg/etc…

You are NOT going to find it on iTunes, Amazon or any other distributor!

(and there is no additional item included, sorry)

Price: 5 Euros