Oct 202013

Latest Announcements from JG Thirlwell

Foetus: Soak – Now Available!

The long awaited Foetus album, SOAK, is a companion to 2010's acclaimed epic HIDE. The 11 track album contains a ton of new material as well as the Foetus cover of "Warm Leatherette", a remix of "Cosmetics" by Secret Chiefs 3 and much more. It continues and expands on some of the themes explored in HIDE and features guest appearances opera singers Abby Fischer and Natalie Galpern.

All copies of SOAK come with a 5" x 5' sticker of a variation of the SOAK artwork, personally signed by JG Thirlwell.

Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

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The Blue Eyes: Soundtrack – Now Available!

JG Thirlwell's original score for the motion picture "The Blue Eyes". The film was written, directed and produced by Eva Aridjis.

This haunting, majestic and sometimes harrowing score was composed, produced, recorded and performed by JG Thirlwell, with Karen Waltuch on violin and viola, Isabel Castevi on cello, James Ilgenfritz on contrabass, Nathan Koci on french horn and Marcus Rojas on tuba and bass trombone.

Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Listen to previews and order CD Now!

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