Dec 202011

Derek Piotr – AGORA Regathered a selection of remixes from AGORA released by bitsquare records 12.5.11 FILE UNDER: Glitch, Leftfield, Dark Ambient

After releasing his solo record AGORA earlier this year, on which AGF assisted in production, Derek Piotr releases a collection of remixes titled AGORA Regathered. Regathered features input from Scanner, Blevin Blectum, and Steinbrüchel among many others. After over half a year of curating material, the final collection of remixes was carefully cherry picked. Piotr sees these tracks as not simply remixes but “essential extensions of the original ideas”. The variety here is breathtaking, from Twenty Knives’ offerings (old school drum patterns triggering vocal freakouts), to the hushed, intimate work of Steinbrüchel and Thone Holo, all the way through Dendrite and Blectum’s exuberant programming of digital squashes and bombastic dancefloor surges of HeeG and Zach Thorpe.

TRACKLISTING: 1. Focus (jhom’s Repetez Remix) 2. Overtaker (HeeG Remix) 3. Remain (Scanner 90 Mix) 4. Remain (Steinbrüchel Remix) 5. From Whiteness (Protofuse Incision Edit) 6. Value System (Dendrite Remix) 7. Overtaker (Twenty Knives Remix) 8. Winter Consummation (Zach Thorpe Mix) 9. Invoce (Lemosh Remix) 10. From Whiteness (Blevin Blectum Remix) 11. Overtaker (Chaircrusher Rmx) 12. Behaviour State (Salakapakka Sound System Remix) 13. Flood Circuit (Thone Holo Remix) 14. Focus (Pitkänen’s Kohti)