Jun 022019
Composer and producer
Esteban Vargas blends songs in Spanish with experimental electronics,
and gives a first look into his upcoming album "Tercer
The fringes of pop and experimental music have been
the source material for Esteban Vargas in the last years, as heard on
his award-winning orchestral piece "LA REVOLUCIÓN SERÁ CON CUMBIAS O
NO SERÁ", blending contemporary classical composition and Latin urban
music. Moving away from the score and putting his voice on the center
of his new project, Esteban is focused now on a highly personal
electronic project, which he composes, performs and produces.
new song "Zamorano" -named after a famous Chilean soccer player- is a
millenial collage in which soccer, school, Mario Kart and teenage
identity collide. All this surrounded by organic, textural electronics
and the use of sampling, glitch and bold vocal processing– the result
resembling the likes of Björk, Arca and James Blake.
alongside his previously released song "Comiénzame a Vivir", show a
bit of the sound world of his new album "Tercer Impacto", to be
released in 2019.

You can listen to it here:
(subtitles included!): https://youtu.be/8IROPh-g6Xs

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