May 132014

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Geertruida presents to you
its latest release: the debut album of BismuthThis
two-piece band consists of multi talented instrument builder Yuri Landman (Zoppo) and Arnold van de
Velde (Neon Rainbows, Feverdream), two clean cut and well mannered gentlemen
who love to fiddle around with self built instruments and everything else that
makes noise. Sonic madness like no other, sometimes wrapped in catch

The 'electric noise'
that comes out of their quite unique and interesting musical approach is
combined with drum loops and guitar. Bismuth certainly makes for one of
the most interesting acts around.

Listen to their album on their Bandcamp.

Download their single M-Trans here on the Geertruida Bandcamp

About the album:

On this self titled album, Yuri Landman’s
specific sounding home made instruments join together in holy matrimony with
Arnold van de Velde’s loop based beats and edgy guitar riffs. Creating a very
distinctive sound only they are able to achieve.


Unique 'instrument sleeve':


What makes this
project even more unique is the specially designed 'sleeve' by Yuri Landman.
The special edition sleeve of the album is in fact an instrument itself. It’s
called ‘the Svikt’, and it will only be available with this album, in
limited edition. Of course, there will also be a normal edition of the album
available, without the instrument.